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The Story of

The VAT of Belonging and Believing

This is a collaborative piece of work between Early Years classroom teachers, Early Years RE specialists, RE Curriculum advisers and digital experts.

The VAT of Belonging and Believing seeks to:

    • increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of how religion and worldviews can be explored effectively at an age-appropriate level for Early Years pupils through a blended learning approach
    • build teachers’ confidence in the worldviews approach by providing examples of how this can be implemented practically in the classroom
    • ensure that smaller and lesser-known religions and worldviews are included in the curriculum and explored by pupils
    • create more knowledgeable and creative teachers through engagement with the approach advocated by this project
    • improve the relevance of Religious Education for pupils by encouraging exploration of religion and worldviews through the lenses of ‘real’ individuals within a community.

This project has been made possible by funding from Culham St Gabriel’s.

To access the first draft of the VAT of Belonging and Believing, please click the link below

About Us – the project team